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University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
"Mother's Home"

University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
"Mother's Home"

Doctors from “Mother’s Home” saved a woman with severe chronic blood cell deficiency

The young woman was transported in critical condition from Pleven. She and the baby are out of danger

A 30-year-old woman from Ugarchin in extremely serious condition was transported by
emergency from the University Hospital in Pleven to the Hospital “Maichin Dom”. The woman is with
chronic disease pancytopenia associated with reduced production of all
blood cells – erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets, respectively with the inability to
blood clotting.
The disease was diagnosed in 2012 and was the cause of one spontaneous
miscarriage and several consecutive abrasions due to bleeding and deterioration of the
At the time of admission to Maternity Home, the patient was having contractions and with an initial

д-р Любомир Джеров

Dr. Lyubomir Jerov

“We immediately did a consultation with a hematologist. Her platelets were critically
level of 40 and a recommended level of at least 80. Her blood counts were very short
life, even after the infusion of blood products, within 10-12 hrs.
The body destroys them again. And we cannot infuse continuously. All
we were able to raise the platelets to some level and keep them. And so
labor was already underway and because of breech
where the baby is positioned head up towards the uterus and with the legs
towards the birth canal), we had to be as quick as possible in
the baby out,” said Dr. Lyubomir Djerov, who performed
the delivery.




He explained that the gestational period – 34 y.o. and the completed corticosteroid prophylaxis for the baby’s lungs, favoured
delivery. The baby weighed 2 kg and was cared for by the neonatologists at the
Mother’s House neonatology clinic. The mother is in the postnatal ward and is
feels fine.