Университетска акушеро-гинекологична болница “Майчин дом”

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Intensivists and anesthesiologists that work in Anesthesiology and intensive care clinic are proven experts and provide around the clock care for the troubled patients.

Anesthesiology and intensive care clinic

The Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinic of the University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Maichin Dom is located on the third floor and has two wards: Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

The staff of the clinic works in eight ORs and three intensive care sectors with 20 beds altogether (10 of which – for intensive care), and also – in the pre-anesthesiologic consultation office.

In the field of anesthesiology all types of anesthesia are applied – general (mask, endotracheal intubation, total intravenous anesthesia TIVA; target controlled infusion TIVA-TCI) and loco-regional (spinal, epidural, spinal with epidural catheter); combined (general/regional).

The epidural anesthesia during labor was introduced in our hospital in 1981 for the first time in the country. Regional anesthesia (spinal, epidural, combined)

plays major role in enhancing cervical dilation during the first stage of labor.

Supraglottic devices are also applied, like the laryngeal mask airway – LMA – since 1992, LMA – Proseal, LMA – Fastrach – since 1996 and laryngeal tube – LTS – since 2007.

For difficult intubations fibrobronchoscopy is applied in intensive care. Doctors use all modern methods of intra- and post-operative monitoring of breathing and hemodynamics – non-invasive and invasive, including monitoring of the depth of the anesthesia – auditory evoked potentials and bi-spectral index – BIS; transesophageal ultrasonic-Doppler; spirometry; monitoring of the neuromuscular block, etc.

All modern techniques for post-operative anesthesia are applied – continuous intravenous infusions with target controlled concentrations – TCI, continuous epidural infusions – catheter techniques, including patient-controlled intravenous/epidural anesthesia.


Медицински екип

Prof. Ivan Smilov, MD, DSci, is the head of the clinic.

Head of the Anesthesia ward – Assoc Prof. Silvi Georgiev, MD, PhD, who is also a Head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department at the Medical University, Sofia.

Head of the Intensive care ward – Lidia Gergova, MD, Chief Assistant

Six assistants work at the clinic: Chavdar Chernev, MD, Detelin Boyadjiev, MD, Dimiter Gugutkov, MD, Elena Georgieva, MD, Georgi Penev, MD

There are also six additional specialists in anesthesia and intensive care: Vania  Shumleva, MD, Doncho Anastassov, MD, Peter Turlakov, MD,  Venera Cherneva, MD, Dimitar Monov, MD, Ognian Mihov, MD.

Two specialists in internal diseases are also members of the team – Katja Todorova, MD, PhD, who is an endocrinologist, and Mariela Filcheva, MD, who is a cardiologist.

The team of anesthesiology midwives includes: Ana-Maria Ivanova, Julia Manasieva, Mariana Malincheva, Krassimira Kileva, Anka Yordanova, Arsenka Krasteva, Rumyana Ivanova, Margarita Ignatova, Janeta Mileva, Tanya Tzekova, Eva Megova, Positza Georgieva, Ekaterina Zlatkova.

The team of intensive care midwives includes: Lidia Lozanova, Zara Boyadjieva, Boryana Sumerska, Boyanka Stoyanova, Nikolina Cherneva, Dessislava Tzvetanova, Silvia Nikolova, Lyubinka Stoitchkova, Stanka Katzanova.

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