Университетска акушеро-гинекологична болница “Майчин дом”

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful periods of a woman’s life, but it requires increased attention and specialized health care for the pregnant and child she bears.

The targets for tracking of pregnancy are associated with the preservation of pregnancy and care for the health of mother and fetus, prevention of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Tracking the pregnancy nowadays with a good prenatal care substantially improves the quality of your pregnancy and likelihood of giving birth to a healthy and full-term baby.

Labor and Delivery Clinic

The Labor and Delivery Room in “Maichin Dom” Hospital has the following structure: reception, pre-delivery rooms, delivery rooms, ORs, intensive care rooms.

  • Reception – it has gynecological and obstetrics emergency and consultation offices. The access to the reception is through the tunnel, next to the main parking lot of the hospital.
  •  Labor and Delivery Room – it is located on the third floor and has four pre-delivery rooms. It has also one “personal” delivery room (for one patient only). The ward has two ORs and an intensive care room.

The Labor and Delivery Room is equipped with modern medical technology, necessary to perform the whole range of emergency and planned obstetrics activities and for monitoring the fetus and the newborn. The following equipment is available: two ultrasound machines, 7 obstetric monitors (cardiotocographs), fetal puls oxymeter, 4 infusion pumps, 1 perfusor, 2 neonatal intensive care units, 2 resuscitation tables for neonats. One of the obstetric cardiotocographs (Insight lite) and one of the ultrasound machines (FUKUDA FFSonic) with a vaginal and abdominal probe have been bought in 2009.

The ward and the ORs are equipped with all the necessary technology for planned and emergency operations, anesthesia and neonatal resuscitation. The ward works 24 hours a day, the staff strictly observes confidentiality and all the rules of good medical practice according to the international standards.


  • Emergency referral (consultative)  examinations of pregnant women and gynecological patients;
  • Admission of pregnant women; 
  • Fetal heart rate monitoring during labor.
  • Pain relief during labor;
  • Managing normal labor and delivery;
  • Caesarian section;
  • Educational and research activities.

Медицински екип

Ass. Prof. Dr. Asen Nikolov, MD – head of the Delivery room

Doctors working for the Delivery room:

Dr. Suzana Nashar, MD, Senior Assistant

Dr. Dimiter Gunev

Dr. Angel Nalbanski, MD.. старши асистент

Dr. Dorian Bossev


Midwives working for the Delivery room:

Nelly Marinova – Senior midwife

Smeona Manolova, Nina Grigorova, Krassimira Alexandrova, Rumyana Mancheva, Mariana Parvanova, Snezhana Petrova, Dessislava Yankulova, Nora Tzankova, Rayna Bagerova, Zhivka Begova, Nadezhda Hristova, Rumyana Kolcheva, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Daniela Doncheva, Valya Vassileva, Nikolina Palova, Emilia Asparuhova, Dinka Petrova, Yordanka Dimitrova, Velichka Miteva, Mariela Marinska, Elka Baylova, Anelia Atanasova, Natalia Videnova, Ekaterina Stamenova, Petranka Stoyanova, Fidanka Dimitrova, Dinka Petrova, Stefka Tomova, Radostina Rakovska, Magdalena Pankova, Tanya Veselinova.

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