Университетска акушеро-гинекологична болница “Майчин дом”

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful periods of a woman’s life, but it requires increased attention and specialized health care for the pregnant and child she bears.

The targets for tracking of pregnancy are associated with the preservation of pregnancy and care for the health of mother and fetus, prevention of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Tracking the pregnancy nowadays with a good prenatal care substantially improves the quality of your pregnancy and likelihood of giving birth to a healthy and full-term baby.

Maternity risk clinic

The clinic is situated on the 5th floor of Teaching hospital Mother’s Home and has 65 beds, distributed in 3 wards and 1 sector. All types of diagnostic, treatment, surgery and prevention activities are carried out in the clinic.

Patients with pregnancy complications are treated at the Maternity Risk Clinic: pains, bleeding, vomiting, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.    

The clinic has three ultrasound apparatuses and one of them is 4D – donation from the charity initiative Bulgarian Christmas, technology for monitoring of the fetus heartbeat, etc.


Медицински екип

The head of the clinic is Prof. Dr. Stoimen Ivanov, MD.

Perinatal Medicine Ward – 26 beds

Head – Dr. Bozhidar Nalbanski

Dr. Pravda Popivanova

Dr. Bella Frandeva

Risky Pregnancy Ward - 10 beds

SectorHigh Infectious Risk” – 4 beds

Head of the ward – Dr. Veselin Dyavolov

Dr. Dimiter Markov – Senior Assistant

Boryana Donkova – Senior midwife

General Pathological Pregnancy Ward – 25 beds

Head – Ass. Prof. Dr. Borislav Marinov

Dr. Anatoliy Dukovski

Dr. Mariana Tzankova

Dr. Kamelia Krasteva

Dr. Vasil Minchev

Anelia Vezneva – Senior midwife

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